info and conditions

Info and Conditions

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The driver

  • The driving licence and passport or identity card must be presented as soon as the contract is concluded
  • Only the drivers mentioned on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rented vehicle
  • The driver is the only responsible for traffic offences and contraventions
  • In the case of a second driver, he/she must meet the same conditions as the first. His presence at the time of the establishment of the contract is mandatory.


  • Unlimited mileage
  • For any accident, a report is mandatory
  • Comprehensive insurance with a deductible
  • Damage to the vehicle is only covered upon production of an accident report within 24 hours


  • Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The car will be delivered with a fuel level and returned with the same level, the fuel left in the tank will not be refunded


  • Payment can be made at the time of pick-up of the vehicle with a advancement made by western union.
  • Payment can be made by PayPal transaction 
  • The rental is not refundable in case of premature interruption
  • Our prices may change depending on the rental season

Pick up and Delivery

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  • The use of vehicles (except 4X4) on unpaved tracks is absolutely prohibited
  • The renter must return the vehicle in the same condition upon delivery
  • The pick up and delivery fees depends on the city you want to be served 
  1. Gjirokaster  30 €
  2. Vlore 50 €
  3. Tirana 90 €

Rental period

  • If the customer returns the vehicle before the end of the rental period, the customer can in no case demand the refund of the sums due for the remaining rental